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Taimi is not only a great lesbian dating app to find love, it is a social media platform with LGBTQ+ active users.
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Taimi is the Perfect Place for Women to Meet Women

The world of dating apps and dating sites is still fairly complex. For many lesbians, online dating often involves getting harassed by straight men every time they are on a dating app. This is where our app comes to rescue lesbian singles.

It is the dating app designed for lesbians, bisexual women, bi curious women, all seeking serious relationships with other women. Taimi provides a safe space for single women looking for their perfect match.

Lesbian women are much more elusive than gay men. That does not mean there are no available and free queer women. Where to find a lesbian partner? Obviously on Taimi - an app full of amazing experiences!

The Lesbian Online Dating App with Perks

Tired of online dating sites? A newbie to the world of free lesbian dating apps? We have just what you need! Below is a quick tutorial on all the core features as well as benefits the popular app Taimi has to offer single lesbians.



The place to find incredible women near you. The discovery section allows users to adjust filters based on their dating preferences. Set a distance filter or age range, whoever you want for a romantic relationship. If a user wants to like dating profiles simply press the thumbs up button, to skip user profiles tap the x button.

Live Streams

A great way to stay connected with other users on dating apps is by expressing yourself. The best way to do that is by using the livestreaming option. It gives users an opportunity to show their true colors, connect, have fun, discuss the same things, and stay in touch. Set up your free account and start streaming!
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The place that connects users. Stay up to date on all the latest info, news, headlines. Dating apps rarely give the ability to view updates from other members, comment on posts from potential matches, interact with other members, not just your match. This is why Taimi is completely different from other sites and apps.
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Video Calls and Private Messages

In online dating, there is nothing better than talking with a real person. What is the next best thing to a real conversation dating apps can have? A video call feature, of course! Taimi is not only one of the best lesbian dating apps to find friends, it also has video calls and private messages on android app as well as iOS app.

Tired of Old School Free Lesbian Dating Sites?

Try Taimi and experience a different kind of lesbian chat. Relationships on other apps for queer women can be hard to find. For every message that comes in from a potential match on Taimi, there are tons that are from cisgender straight guys hoping to fulfil a fantasy with single lesbians.

This app is different, it is not a lesbian personals site from decades ago, but a new, modern platform that is built for LGBTQ+ community. The platform does not focus on gender identity or sexual orientation. It is one of the few dating apps that provides a safe and secure place for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Taimi allows you to search for people from your area or anywhere in the world. There are thousands of available lesbians looking for their perfect partner on the app. It is a fun, exciting, safe product which in turn makes it one of the best lesbian dating apps in the world.

Don’t go yet! There’s plenty fish in the sea! Download Taimi app to find your love!

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Adria Bravo, 22


Carol Welch, 29


Elba Burns, 24


How To Get Started on Taimi App


Download Taimi on Your Phone

Step 1

The app is available on both Android and iOS. It is the perfect app to find a friend or a life partner.


Set up your profile

Step 2

Select preferences, write about yourself, and find your ultra match on one of the best app for lesbians. Make sure to enter all the information and come up with a secure password.


Find Love or Friendship

Step 3

Join diverse groups, host livestreams, connect with people, have fun, fall in love! All can be found on the app that is so different from lesbian dating sites out there.

Shatter Misconceptions About Online Dating

There is a tremendous sea of opportunity when it comes to dating, and people waiting to meet the right one. On our dating site, lesbians can connect with women in their area or around the world. The social platform has unique algorithms that find the right people from every corner of the planet.

Whether you are looking for a friend or a long term partner or someone in between, the app will give you the chance to find both. On Taimi, lesbian users have the ability to connect with LGBTQ+ women by livestreaming, videocalling, joining groups.

Relationships Beyond a Dating Site

The focus for us is to give the user a product full of options, benefits, and opportunities to form quality relationships beyond the first date.

Taimi is not like any other lesbian dating site out there. It is one of the best dating apps for singles to start romantic relationships, find friends, and connect. Download the app and become a part of an amazing LGBTQ+ community.

Review 1

Eulalia Massey

I still enjoy using this app, even despite some relevant features now placed behind the paywall.

Review 2

Patricia Jansen

Amazing people! This community is what I’ve been looking for. The right place for lesbian girls if you want to feel safe.

Review 3

Mary Edie

It’s worth a try. For me, it started as an experiment, but now Taimi is one of my favorite social networks!

Review 4

Ruth Collinson

One of the few apps where you can actually have a decent experience, and not as sexual as other LGBTQ+ platforms.

Still wondering if Taimi’s the right place for you?

Read about how other lesbians experienced our app and see if their stories resonate with yours. Maybe their happy ending could be your happy ending? Let these reviews inspire you to begin your own adventure with Taimi today.

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Looking for Someone Special?

It is understandable that getting to know someone online can be frightening. Especially, for lesbian women who have often encountered straight men seeking lesbian women, or even women seeking to have a threesome with their boyfriend on lesbian dating apps.

The premise of our product is to provide a space for all LGBTQ+ people regardless of sexual orientation to connect and interact. This is why our dating site gives a single lesbian a shot at not just looking for someone, but also finding someone great to spend time with. Taimi is a vast exciting community of amazing queer people that are waiting to connect with one another.

It is all about giving a platform and being one of the best lesbian dating apps to showcase your real self. With all the incredible features the product has to offer, it sure is one of the easiest ways for queer ladies to celebrate themselves and each other.

Taimi: Influencers View

Memphis Mori

My favorite thing about TAIMI is that I see get more than 250 words and photos. I love watching the lives and stories - I feel like I get to know more of WHO I’m crushing on.

Abigail Taylor

I like what I like, and TAIMI has created a platform for me to embrace that! TAIMI Is the only dating app that has worked for me, and the app has connected me with so many beautiful and fun people in the LGBTQ+ community!

Scott Frenzel

Taimi has been a great tool for me to connect with guys both locally and across the globe. The app's commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched and it certainly shows with the quality of guys I have been able to meet through using Taimi.

A Lesbian Dating App Like No Other

A social platform that gives lesbian women an opportunity to connect with each other, find friendships as well as form meaningful relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taimi offers the ability for LGBTQ+ people to connect no matter where they are in the world. It is a social platform for queer ladies to freely celebrate themselves and each other by livestreaming, joining groups, videocalling as well as interacting on a daily basis. The app is also a great place to find lesbian and bi communities waiting to welcome new members.

Dating as a lesbian can be a minefield. Same-sex relationships do not come easy, and both of you have to work on it, a lot! Lesbian dating can also be a great experience for both partners with lots of love, affection and attention. One of the more obvious benefits is the fact that you are in a relationship with a queer woman.

Gay women often hide their real sexual orientation and identity in life. Meeting a lesbian woman online is a lot easier than in real life. Women are complex, some prefer not to put a lesbian label on their identity. There are also bisexual and bicurious women who want a relationship with lesbians. Taimi has many queer women on the app seeking relationships with other LGBTQ+ women.

Yes, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network, streaming, and many more is free. The app offers the safest and most secure user experience on the market — with several verification layers, 24/7 profile moderation, PIN/Fingerprint/Face ID, and live support. The free version is available to download from the AppStore and Google Play.

Taimi is free to download and use. There is a premium subscription available that provides an enhanced experience for LGBTQ+ users. The premium subscription allows you to access features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

The Dos and Don’ts of Lesbian Dating

Sometimes it is easy to forget how to approach another person when courting. Here are a few simple tips to follow while just starting to date:

  • Do not assume. Ask direct questions without being pushy, the last thing you want is to offend the person you like.
  • Do not overshare. We are all guilty of saying too much at times, so put the brakes on it, if the info is concerning an ex, bad experience or family.
  • Do not be intrusive. Remember about asking questions? Try to keep them focused on hobbies, likes, dislikes, do not go too much into family, politics, or medical history right away.

Yes, there are a few rules when it comes to a relationship with a woman. So, here are a few to take note of:

  • Do make compliments. Mention her hair, outfit, features, focus on all the positives you see in her. A great way to compliment is to talk about her smile, eyes, but if you want to sex it up a bit - all the power to you!
  • Do listen. Try not to talk about yourself constantly. Being a great listener goes a long way in a relationship. All women appreciate a good conversation, so being an active listener and paying attention will certainly make a great impression on your partner.
  • Do follow up. If you went on a date, message her or even video call her to say how great it was!

A Great Lesbian Relationship

If you are just starting a relationship, please discuss whether you are both out of the closet. If you are, fine, but if not - be safe about your relationship. Also, bring up past encounters and whether you are on the same page about getting tested to keep each other healthy and safe.

If you are coming off a recent breakup, especially if it is fairly fresh - wait a bit prior to starting something new. In a case where you are also coming out it may even cause confusion among yourself, relatives, friends as well as potentially new partners. Try to cut all the loose ends before a new relationship with a woman. This is a common courtesy to the new person in your life. So, leaving your past in the past will go a long way for the both of you. Being single and available definitely means being free. So, cut off the past and start fresh.